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Hi-Ho Hi-Ho its creative time, don't you know?

For anyone that doesn’t know me there are two things that keep me focused and sane, not my two daughters but LEGO and photography! And, once a month I get to combine these two passions and push my creative skills to create cover images for Blocks magazine.

This months cover image is the fantastic Snow White and the Severn Dwarves Cottage designed by LEGO designer, Ryan Baird-Van. Rather than focus on the overall cottage and possibly predictive image I could have created, myself and editor, Graham Hancock decide to focus on Snow White herself. This is where the fun, geek side of me comes into play and more specific a ‘probe lens’, this lens allows me to get up close and personal with these minifigs. Luckily (or unluckily) in the UK we are blessed with many overcast weather days which allowed me to use natural daylight, rather than my usual studio lighting. The final image was captured, focused stacked and processed using 14 images.

Technical details: Camera - Canon 7D Mk II | Lens - AstrHori 18mm F8 Macro 2:1 probe lens

F20 1/5 ISO250

14no images focus stacked in Photoshop and colour balanced in Lightroom

Anyway, its time to start thinking about next months cover image…

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