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A Towering Success

Step into the formidable headquarters of Earth's mightiest heroes...

This month's challenge, presented by Blocks editor Graham, beckoned me to capture the heroic essence and grandeur of the Avengers Universe's most iconic edifice. Towering at a height of over 90 cm, this monumental set transcends mere display; it's a dynamic playground for reliving the epic battles of the Infinity Saga, featuring an ensemble of minifigures that reads like an all-star cast.

Tackling the capture of such a substantial set demanded a shift in perspective. Extensive research into architectural imagery led me to the breathtaking skyline of Dubai, where towering skyscrapers pierced through the clouds. The resulting images showcased these architectural marvels, reaching for the heavens.

Experimenting with various angles, I finally settled on a side elevation that accentuated the helipad. Multiple lens choices were explored to achieve the desired aesthetic, followed by the meticulous setup of lighting to accentuate the Tower's curved lines.

The viewer's gaze extends beyond the cloud line, looking up in awe at the Avengers Tower—an impressive structure comprised of a staggering 5200 pieces. Accompanying this marvel are 31 equally remarkable minifigures, though I made a deliberate choice to reserve their spotlight for the magazine's review section.

As I reflect on a fantastic year crafting cover images for Blocks, this particular image serves as the ideal conclusion. Until 2024, farewell to you all...

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